Looking for temporary staff

Looking for Temporary Staff


Are you urgently looking for Temporary Staff?


Find temporary staff easily for short & long term contracts.

When you are looking for temporary staff to fill a gap, contact Blade & get the help you are looking for. We find temporary staff quickly and easily with Blade Recruitment. We have people available for any role or temporary job, including office, reception, customer services & admin job roles.  

Our temporary staff have completed all sorts of temp roles in the past, including receptionists, phone answering, data entry, customer support, office moves and facilities management.

Blade Recruitment do checks & assess temporary workers when they finish an assignment to ensure you get someone with a positive work attitude who is willing to get stuck-in and get a job done. 

Guideline to charge rates for when you are looking for temporary staff in  & around the London area.

Receptionist  £ 15.25 p/h

Helpdesk Administrator  £ 17.50 p/h

Post Room Administrator £ 14.55 p/h

Call Centre Staff  £ 15.20 p/h

General Administrator  £ 16.50 p/h

Executive Assistant  £ 19.95 p/h

Porter  £ 13.25 p/h
Cleaner  £ 11.95 p/h

Handyman  £ 15.95 p/h
Painter  £ 16.90 p/h

Blade Recruitment is a well-established temping agency in London with a proven track record of placing candidates in a wide range of skilled temping job roles. All candidates are thoroughly vetted before they start. If you are looking for temporary staff, then you are in the right place. Call us now.

Blade Recruitment has a database of temp staff and workers across the UK, who are readily available. Submit a job online and potential candidates appear in your inbox. Review our candidate profiles and pick the best ones for your job.

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