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Find a handyman in London easily for short & long term contracts or for permanent positions.

When you are looking to find a handyman in London , contact Blade Recruitment, 1st choice for handyman staff in the UK.You will find a handyman in London quickly and easily with Blade Recruitment. We have tradesman available for any role or temporary job, vetted & ready to start, many have worked on contracts for Blade in the past.

Our Handymen provide a wide range of property maintenance and repairs across  the London area, mainly for commercial sites and hotels, they do electrical, plumbing, property maintenance, painting & decorating,  & various  other handymen duties. 

If you are looking for a London handyman, carpenter, or painter, to work on a London site, either built environment or construction, then you have come to the right place - Blade Recruitment. 

Our temporary Handymen have all been reference checked & we make the process of hiring temp tradesman easy, offering all the benefits needed to secure you an excellent worker. 

Hire a Handyman from Blade Recruitment with a positive work attitude who is willing to get stuck-in and get a job done. 

Nothing gives more confidence than reading what others say about working with us. Please read the reviews page or leave a review on your experience when you needed to find a handyman in London.

Guideline to charge rates for when you are looking to find a Handyman in London.

Handyman £ 15.95 p/h

Painter  £ 16.90 p/h 

Maintenance Electrician  £ 19.90 p/h

JIB Electrician  £ 21.95 p/h

Plumber £ 19.90 p/h 

Electrical Maintenance Engineer   £ 19.90 p/h

Unskilled Maintenance Engineer  £ 15.90 p/h

Electricians Mate £ 15.95 p/h 

Refrigeration Engineer £ 19.95 p/h

Please contact us for any rates not quoted, Blade Recruitment is at hand when you are looking to find a Handyman in London, this is our niche & can respond with a quote quickly, for anything not mentioned above.

For permanent positions we are offering the discounted rate of 10% of the annual salary. 

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Blade Recruitment is a well-established temping agency in London with a proven track record of placing candidates in a wide range of skilled temping job roles. 

All candidates are thoroughly vetted before they start. If you are looking to find a Handyman in London, then you are in the right place. Call us now.

Blade Recruitment has a database of Handymen & tradesmen across the UK, who are readily available. 

Submit a job online and potential candidates will appear in your inbox. Review our candidate profiles & pick the best ones for your job.

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If your business or organisation is looking to hire handyman for maintenance work on hotels or commercial buildings in the London area, then Blade Recruitment know the industry & have what it takes to find good quality hires.

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